Can I Make Money on My Tacoma? Let’s Try Investing.

What Happens If I Invest My Tacoma Payment?

How the heck is borrowed money so cheap?? My initial plan was to pay a big chunk of the Tacoma up front. With 1.75% financing, it makes a lot of sense to finance 90% of the purchase and invest the rest in… well, something, I guess.

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I’ve been doing real estate flips for the last decade, so that was my first thought. Then I remembered that every fixer-upper is selling for almost the same as the restored house would. Those flipping shows make it look easy, and the big cash investors are hoofing up every bargain. There’s no meat on any bones for me around here. International real estate investments scare the crap outta me, because working within the mysterious-to-me statues of another country and circumnavigating some obviously terrifying tax snarls sounds hideous, so that’s not happening. Now I’m going to have to try something else. Let’s see… should I flip something weirder than real estate?

Things I’ve Flipped:
Volkswagen Beetles, about ten of them, when I was in college.
1969 Karmann Ghia convertible, which was exciting enough that it gets its own number in this list.
1970s solid-state pinball machines, like Spirit of ‘76 and Hokus Pokus.
A couple of dozen 1980s stand-up arcade games like Ms. Pac Man, Defender, Asteroids.
Pilates machines. Weird one, huh? My gym was selling them cheap.
Houses, 31 of them. Well, some were apartments, but you get the gist.
Cell phones, but just a couple of times. Craigslist guys are a little crazy, so that was short-lived.
Platinum wedding rings. Long ago, you could buy the antique ones pretty inexpensively.

That’s a pretty varied track record, and I’m sure I could find something else that people want to pay more for. However, it’s a lot of work, and the economy has been pretty bad for a long time. Even though our collective money forecast is sunnier, most people are willing to take bargain-hunting over convenience, which means that I wont have as big a pool of buyers. The timing doesn’t seem right.

Maybe this means it’s time for me to pretend to be a Mature Adult and invest in the stock market. I’m opening a trade account today and betting on Illumina. My folks are pretty savvy, they’ve done well in the stock market, and they’ve been trying not to look disappointed and frustrated I haven’t bought into Illumina already. It’s because there’s something about Illumina holding gene sequencing patents. Maybe I should have been paying attention. My stepdad is a geneticist, so maybe that has something to do with it. All I know is that someone I know did some research somewhere, and my general motto is to get the smallest amount of information needed to be able to move forward. It’s a more sophisticated version of “just go for it”, more like “just go for it after doing ten minutes of research.”

Here I go. Investing in stocks. Benchmark of success: make more than 1.75%. Easy, peasy.

2-investing-invest-investment-raventurous-stock-illumina-ilmn-portfolio-tacoma-finance-adventure-interest-san diego-flip-house flip-truck-pickup-financing-car loan-loan-interest rate-toyota-real estate-real estate flip-flipping-apple

Do you do stock market investing? Have any tips/tricks/ideas?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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4 Responses

  1. Sweetheart, Piss the money away on an extravagant vacation. When you return, assuming you do, you can start the hunt for a filthy rich neuro-surgeon. Marry him, pretend to be the doting wife for a few years, then divorce his ass. You’ll inure to the benefit of half of the community property, including all investments, as well as half the value of his practice. How much IS enough? I shall swill another glass of Smirnoff, and then pontificate on the virtues of Hedonism. 🙂 Luv, Alan

  2. joe says:

    Investing your money in the stock market does not make one a “mature adult”. If anything it makes more sence not to. Just as you knowledge of foreign real estate is lacking, I would assume your knowledge of stock markets is equally sub par. Its a fools game. But maybe there is a tv show for that.

    • Raven says:

      (Said mildly) Of course investing doesn’t make me mature, but new experiences enrich life. Although I’d love to succeed at all new things, simply learning and trying is fun in and of itself. I hope this works out, and if it doesn’t I’ll enjoy knowing that at least I strived.

  3. Kenneth Neil Schauer says:

    Life is like a game and you should know how to play it…And if I was a betting man playing this game of life, all of it would go on Raven…Just look at her accomplishments in this game, there vast and I would guess with some failures along the way.Oh man… you heard me men,there is more here then meets the eye!The success stories of this young woman is amazing…She is willing to conquer just about anything you could put in her way, I would bet (On Black)! Oh and remember love conquers all negatives put out in this life! Love is living life, it’s all here…Bingo!

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