I’m Rebuilding My Vespa P200E All By Myself… The Conclusion


What happened after that

I was too emotional about the first kick to take a video, so here’s my second Vespa kick-over. I’d gotten the Vespa down to Motorsport to a mild response from John and Robot (they do this for a living, so it’s not terribly exciting to them). You can tell from the look on my face that I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, I was super happy, proud, and a little surprised at my success.

Turns out that it’s good I went straight to the shop, downhill a few miles from my house. I hadn’t tightened a few critical things properly, and the bike wasn’t oiling (learned to look for a moving air bubble in the oil line to check for flow). Some electrical components were worn out or shorted (the stator, CDI, and an indicator wire), and somehow the flywheel was demagnetized. The engine definitely would have failed if I’d just started riding around town.



Don’t care, still a success: tried something that felt impossible and insurmountable, broke it down in to pieces, and put in the time and effort to complete the work.

(The other good part about bringing the Vespa in to the shop? Robot suggested he add heated handgrips. Ooooh yeaaah: I’m going to be living the luxe life now!)

I’m all set for the Lake Tahoe TT next weekend… now it’s on to the next thing to be nervous, excited, and scared to do, and to do it anyway~.
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12 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    Woah!! so awesome!! i was searching the interwebs for some info in restoring my 2006 LX150… no not as cool as your ’81 but prob equally challenging! I recently purchased a red LX sight unseen off the web. Just one of those impulse buys… well it was not in good shape at all…definitely a little older than the pics. See i life in Bermuda and the salt air wreaks havoc on the steel frame…therefore i am stuck. Rebuild from the ground up.
    Long story short, I emmencely enjoyed your rebuild article and it is a ray of hope in getting mine off the ground. Will keep you posted as soon as it goes on the lift!


  2. Exalted Pisces says:

    Wow, what an adventure in life! You are all over the map!..Perhaps your future calling is a compilation of stories(Short or long and you cann’t leave anything out!?!) for a bestseller! Knowing I’d be one of the 1st racing for a sign …though I cann’t beat a Vespa…

  3. Dave V says:

    hey that was great…a real inspiration. I have an 82 p200e that I just bought to restore ( I ride a grandpa sled) . I’m not sure I’ll go as far as you did but I’m proud of ya!!

    • Raven says:

      That’s awesome! Have you gotten any traction on the restoration project yet? Not that I’m rushing you; my garage has a few projects that I’m saving for a rainy day~.

      • Dave says:

        Just sitting around with my pug on a cold Nebraska day today thinking….I need to get off my lazy keister and get busy on that VESPA! I’m re-reading your escapade to get pumped up.

  4. WaydeG says:

    Nice job. I’m doing a full restoration on a 78 p200e I picked up this summer. I ride an 08 Road Glide most of the time and wanted something I could teach my kids on as well as just scooting down to the former store. There are some specialty tools required and like you, the things that stump me will be solved by the local scooter guru. Thanks for the inspiration. Dig the flat black.

  5. Dave says:

    Hey did the carb jets (totally fouled)today…..runs like a champ!! Now doing a lil electrical….replaced the sealed beam-had to grind off some glass stubs as it was a Wagner H 5006 5 3/4″ car dual beam headlight.Got an issue with some headlight indicator(neutral light-turn signal light) bulbs but shouldnt be too difficult. I celebrated with some Indian food!

  6. Cool, you may like my photography blog for classic (geared) vespas – http://www.vespamore.com

  7. Dave says:

    Well I finished up with all the lil items that needed fixing…..all electronics…carb….lights and lenses…seat recovered…all in all a nice winter project….just sold it to a nice fella that will really enjoy it !

  8. akbar says:

    surely its a worth processes.. just like me now, my first time tearing the scooter apart

    Very good job 😀

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