I’m Rebuilding My Vespa P200E All By Myself… Part 2

Ok… I got this…

I still stalled for a day or two, and I finally enlisted Michelle’s help to get started. She was nice enough to keep me company and knock some grease off the Vespa while I started disassembly.

Michelle Helping Out

Man, that thing was -filthy-. There was a half-inch-thick courting of dirt and oil all over the underside of the bike. I couldn’t even find the bolts to undo the motor. It took three days of cleaning just to get the motor clean enough to drop out, as I was worried that dirt and debris would get into the holes, damaging the threads. I went through two packs of shop towels, three cans of carb cleaner, two cans of WD-40, and several plastic putty knives. Gross. Just gross. Also, Environment, I’d like to apologize for having destroyed you.


Now that that’s done, it’s time for the next step…

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