I’m Rebuilding My Vespa P200E All By Myself… Part 5

So, the Vespa was pulled completely apart…

It looks like an exploded-view diagram…. or an explosion. I’m officially in way over my head.

Tornado Touchdown

I’ve moved pretty recently, and it’s the first time I’ve lived alone in a really long time. As a professional house flipper, I’ve had the opportunity to live in a lot of places, and each new home is an opportunity for me to hone in on exactly how I’d like to live. In this house, I’ve had a lot of freedom to set things up exactly the way I’d like them to be, and that includes having a great garage. With a TV hooked up to the internet in there, I’ve been able to watch YouTube videos to learn how to wrench on my toys.


Vespa Motorsport has a great series of tutorial videos, and I knew that this would be really helpful for my rebuild. As I was watching the video and staring at my engine in pieces, I heard something in the background…

Wait a sec, was that my voice in the background? Da fuuuu? Oh, for the love of… that’s right. I was in the shop using the drill press last year, making light-up football pads for a Burning Man costume. Was that what Steve and John were doing in the corner, rebuilding a P125?

Maybe I should have paid attention.

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