The Lake Tahoe Endurance Race Made It Into The News


The race I’m running in is starting to get some traction

Jessie Marchesseau, a writer for the Lake Tahoe News just posted a quick article about the endurance race this weekend.

You can view the full article here

You can view the event page here

The best part? I got to be in the article! Yay! Pop open the bubbly, I’m famous~. Ok, not really, but I’m having a great time meeting new people.

I’ve posted a few lines from the article below. So, if you’re in the area on Sunday, stop by and say hi.

Extreme is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of motor scooters. However, this weekend’s 320-mile Lake Tahoe T.T. Motor-Scooter Endurance Race may just change your opinion of scooting.

Participant Raven Fischer rides a 1981 Vespa that she said is “comfortable going 45 miles per hour.” Fischer is expecting to ride her scooter for at least nine hours straight on race day.

The term “race” is somewhat of a misnomer for an event that is really more of a rally. Riders will have designated checkpoints along the route, and breaking the law in any way, including speeding, is grounds for instant disqualification.

As the rider of one of very few vintage scooters in the field, she expects to be in the back of the pack, and is just fine with that. Fischer is a newcomer to the MSILSF circuit looking for a fun ride and the opportunity to connect with other riders who share her love of scooters.

“You make your own fun in this world,” she told Lake Tahoe News. “That’s why I like scooterists; they make their own fun.”

Click here to see the progress on my vespa rebuild

You can view the full article here

You can view the event page here

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  1. This is absolutely marvelous. Spirited and whimsical with an element of competition and a drive to be the best you can! Keep up the great work and GO GET EM!!!

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