Legos and Bourbon, a Fun and Blurry Evening

I asked Jake what he wanted to do for fun one evening. His first choice: drink bourbon. His second: build Legos.
We decided to do both of them at the same time, and the results were spectacular.
(Yes, we got all of our separate kit pieces mixed up… because: bourbon.)

Our first stop was the Lego store. Chris picked up the Lego Technics Excavator, Jake chose Jabba’s Sail Palace, and I chose to build the Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper.

It was a great idea and a fun evening. However, my model was the most elaborate, difficult model I’ve ever built, and it took another 8 hours of play stretched over several days for me to finish. Of course it did, just like what happens with any motor vehicle repair/rebuild project…

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  1. Fascinating! I’ve never even so much as touched a Lego piece. On the other hand, I’ve touched many Bourbon bottles — which reminds me of W.C. Fields’ famous quote: “Talk’s cheap. Whiskey costs money.”

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