My Adventures

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How I Was a Threat To Mexican National Security

So, there I was, riding my vintage Vespa p200 scooter through Baja, Mexico. I’ve taken various two-wheeled vehicles to Mexico before, but this is the first time I’d had the harebrained idea that I should burst ahead of the group for several miles and wind up at a military checkpoint all on my own: a woman, on an old scooter, alone… with automatic weapon barrels strapped to the front of the bike…

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Desert Riding

Riding in Southern California

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Scooter Trip Through Baja California

Riding scooters in Mexico

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Helicopter Ride

I can see my house!

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Take A Look At The New Bike! BMW 700GS

Taking the new ride out on a beautiful day

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I’m Rebuilding My Vespa P200e… By Myself. I’m Sure It’ll Be Fine.

Rebuilding my P200e

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Day Ride Down To Puerto Nuevo

Riding the BMWs down through Mexico

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Mods vs. Rockers San Diego

Mods vs. Rockers Ride and Rally

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Desert Maintenance

Time for me to fix my desert toys

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Vintage Bike Night

Have to take the ol’ CL350 over to Trophy Motorcycles to get her up and running

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