Rattle Can: Repainting my 1981 Vespa p200

I decided to rebuild my Vespa p200, and it was a scary and intimidating process. To give myself a break from the high-stakes stress, I decided to give the old lady a budget facelift with a few rattle-cans cans of spray-paint. She’d already been repainted a few times by prior owners, so I wasn’t worried about destroying the value of the original factory paint. Here’s a video of me doing what I do best: forging ahead with little information, no knowledge and no plan.

Have to say, though: the Vespa came out looking much better than she was before, and that was my benchmark of success.

If you’re interested in the full story of the rebuild, please click here. I rebuilt the p200 with the Haynes Manual , a YouTube video, and as little help as possible from the guys at Vespa Motorsport.

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