Video: Lake Tahoe TT Scooter Racing on my Rebuilt Vespa p200

Scooter Racing Tourist Trophy Event Around Lake Tahoe.

I’m looking forward to the next scooter race (the Salton Sea TT, on Sunday, September 21, 2014), as the last one was -amazing-. Bet you can tell by the video that I’ve got the eye of the tiger; the adrenaline rush of even being in a race event was just glorious.


This is me after completing the 225-ish mile race around the Lake Tahoe area. I’d rebuilt my Vespa specifically for the race, and it was a huge rush to have completed a race event on that scooter). If you’re curious about the rebuild, please click here.

Here we all are, us fancy racers at the Lake Tahoe TT, May 4, 2014.

I won a trophy! It says: “Participant”… perfect. It’s pretty exciting to have even entered, and my benchmark for success was completion of the race.P3-msilsf-landspeed-vespa-scooter-lambretta-race-motorsport-motorcycle-scooterwest-girlsridetoo-sandiego-adventure-tt-laketahoe-adv-raven-motorcyclegirl-girl-p200-vintage-caferacer-vintagemotorcycle-vespamotorsports-Raventurous

For the Salton Sea TT (run by the Motor-Scooter Land-Speed Federation), I’ve accepted the challenge to repair and run a Vespa p125 that’s been modified to 166cc. I’ll post more about that bike as I’m repairing it, but the basic rundown is that the Vespa hasn’t even been started in eight years. I have a week to get it going and be ready for a 325-mile race through multiple altitudes and temperatures ranging from 70º to 108º. Yes, you read that right. The temperatures supposed to be 108º at Salton Sea next weekend.

The race starts at Vespa Motorsport on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 6:30 am.

Vespa Motorsport
3955 Pacific Hwy.
San Diego, CA 92110

Come on out and show your support. It’s going to be quite a show.

Wish me luck on my next race in the comments below!

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