Summer Fun: Sea World Roller Coaster

Iconically part of San Diego, Sea World provides all kinds of summer fun: sea life, shows, animal encounters, sleep-away camps. I grew up in Pacific Beach, just a couple of miles away from Sea World. My high school summer curfew was set to the timing of the fireworks: unless I had a real place to be, I needed to be home at 9:55 when the first mortar bloomed open. Now Sea World has a couple of amusement-park rides, and I went on Manta for the first time. I didn’t realize my friend had smuggled a camera onto the ride, and it was pretty funny to see how into the experience I was. There’s nothing quite like the first time ’round on a new roller coaster, all unexpected twists and turns.

What new fun are you having this summer?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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